Why Teachers Should Use Twitter

When I talk to teachers about Twitter, a knee-jerk reaction is often “I don’t want to tweet about my life, like buying groceries or brushing my teeth. That’s boring.” I agree. I don’t want to tweet about buying groceries, and I surely don’t want to read about teachers brushing their teeth.

But that’s not point of Twitter for teachers and educators. Teachers should have Twitter accounts because they like to stay informed about education and they like to learn new ideas about teaching. Twitter lets you do that better than any other tool on the Internet.

More than a place to tweet about the little things in life, think of Twitter as a way to connect to new information about any topic. You can paste a link in a tweet, and incredibly talented educators are pasting highly informative links to educational articles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What makes this particularly helpful is that you can tag a particular tweet so that it makes it easy for anyone in the world to find it.

So here’s how educators can find two great sources of educational information. After you log in to Twitter, go to the search field at the very top of the screen (not the What’s Happening? field). Type the following into the search field: #edchat

The number symbol before edchat is called a “hashtag” or “hash.” Your Twitter search results window will now populate with any tweet in the world that has that same “hashtag” in it. The Twitter #edchat hashtag search is a fantastic source of educational information for teachers. Take a few minutes to explore some of the links in those tweets. My favorite education hashtag, however, is: #edtech

There you have it. Enjoy twitter!

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  1. my teacher does this she is so annoying you must post about something we did in class and she puts assignments up there and does’nt tell us if anyone else knows who i’m talking about yell her name in this chatroom.


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